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Garden Hedge is a site created and maintained by avid gardeners and horticulturists. We love our plants and especially how they can add to a property, both aesthetically and financially. Garden Hedge is filled with pages of informationDuranta and Box Hedge Mix on Hedge Plants (both Common and Not so Common), information on what to consider when planting a hedge, as well as the all important How-To section.

We are frequently updating the site with new information, plus tips, tricks and rules of thumb about plants and hedging.

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When to Plant Your Hedge

When to plant a hedge can be a matter of when is best for you and the time you have. If you’re taking the plants into consideration the best time to plant out a hedge row is now – Autumn (in the Southern Hemisphere any way). Why Autumn and not Spring? While the air temperatures …

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Don't mow your Hedge

To Edge or not to Edge? That is the Question

When thinking about planting, it’s easy to assume that the costs will be limited to plants, soil, maybe some fertiliser or seaweed solution, and a weekend’s hard digging and planting. Generally, people want their hedges to form part of the landscape of their property, to add value even. Based on that, and for the sake …

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Crepe Myrtle Border

Does it Match?

A hedge or boundary should be in keeping with the frontage of a property. The more formal and sleek the design of a property, the more the hedge or boundary should be in keeping with it. This week’s image shows one of our favourite trees, the Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica and this one no doubt …

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Prune Your Hedge

After Planting Your Hedge

It’s worth remembering that creating a hedge is not as simple as dig a hole, stick a few hedge plants in the ground and she’ll be apples. To get your row of hedge plants from a 200mm pot to a tight hedge takes time, but you can give it a push along by giving it …

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