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Abelia – Colour Contrast

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Abelias (Abelia x Grandiflora usually used as a hedge) has the distinct hedging advantage of a dense, bushy habit, and throughout summer they look fantastic with the small, tubular white flowers held in clusters above reddish coloured sepals (that’s the bit that holds the flower in place) against the back-drop of dark glossy green leaves. So, 3 colours in the one plant! Sounds great.

While that all sounds very inviting, Abelia is not without its problems as a hedge plant. It’s arching branch habit makes it prone to a gappy base. Like Plumbago, without pruning Abelia can get out of hand at the top. If you’re keen on the tri-colour look, go for it. Just know that it’s not going to be a “set-and-forget” process to get your Abelia hedge looking fantastic. It will require frequent maintenance to keep the arching habit in check.

Biggest Positive: Colourful display through Summer

Biggest Negative: Will gap at the base as it grows and needs work to keep the arching branches in check

NameAbelia x GrandifloraAbelia
LeafNewDark Green
OldDark Green
FlowerColourWhite with red sepals
Time of YearSummer - Autumn
AgeingHard to Notice
SizeHeightAround 1.8m
WidthAround 2m
RateMedium - Fast

Prune early, Prune Often. The most common mistake is to get the height right first and then expect your hedge plants to bush out later. Get the bushy “mesh” effect first by pruning the tops and faces to encourage lateral growth to the base.

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