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A lot of what is on this site is our opinion, coming from a wealth of professional and personal experience with hedges and gardening in general. If you notice anything on this site that you believe to be incorrect, let us know.

We take no responsibility for any advice given on this website. It is provided for free.

The site will never be complete. We are sent new images all the time and add them to the site as we go along.

We are always adding to the site and hearing from people in all parts of the country with ideas and popular hedge plants. What is normal in a Darwin garden will obviously be different to frost prone areas like the ACT and Tassie. The sandy soils of Perth require different decision making to the clay soils of the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Please keep these things in mind in your decision making process.

Most of the images on this site were taken by the authors or sent to us by readers. One of the problems in researching hedges online is the plethora of immaculate hedges shown in an Internet Image search. We have tried to present a more realistic view here, even if that means taking photos with a mobile camera out a car window!

In the “Which Plant” section of this website we have tried to provide usual heights and widths of hedges of each plant rather than the maximum height the plant will reach at maturity, which is what is usually provided in online information and nursery sites.