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Bamboo – Be Very Careful With This One

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Bamboo has an incredibly bad reputation for being invasive and damaging to the local environment. While highly deserving of this reputation in one sense, an informed decision on which species to use can provide excellent results……and fast. In the opinion of Garden Hedge, there is NO circumstance where an alternative to running bamboo can’t be found. Clumping varieties on the other hand, can make brilliant screens without the invasive problems. Clumping bamboos come in more varieties than we can list here. What’s important to emphasise is that running bamboo should never be used.

While formality isn’t really an option, if you’re looking to screen out the neighbours quickly, you can’t look past clumping Bamboo. Other tall options such as the Lilly Pilly Acmena varieties won’t provide you with height at anywhere near the rate.

Biggest Positive: It’s usually fast growing and tall, as well as being shallow rooting and narrow growing – perfect for a courtyard screen or similar

Biggest Negative: No Flowers and far better suited to tropical and sub-tropical areas. No hedge looks good when it dies back in a frost


NameMany, manyBamboo
LeafNewUsually Green
OldUsually Green
SizeUsually Large Oblong
Time of Year
SizeHeight2m to much higher than most gardeners will need
WidthTotal Hedge Width can be kept to less than a metre
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Instead of a traditional hedge plant to hide a fence, what about a climber? They take up less space and are usually fast growing. On the downside there’s little formality and going above the height of the fence is more difficult.

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