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Box – Humble, But Effective

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Buxus is probably the best known of all hedge plants. Its small leaf gives it an advantage over most plants because it can create a formal, tight hedge. Its problem is that it’s more decorative than functional. It’s slow-growing and not known for its screening ability. As a driveway or garden bed boundary it’s ideal. It won’t dominate the landscape and trains the eye to a specific point. Its slow growth also means formality is easy to achieve once the hedge is mature.


Buxus is not a hedge plant that works on its own as a property boundary. As a tightly trimmed hedge it’s not likely to grow past 1m (in fact usually a lot smaller). On that basis, it’s best used along paths or driveways or as a boundary for a separate garden bed. Success can be had with Buxus on a property boundary if it’s used in conjunction with another plant.

Biggest Positive: Formality is easy

Biggest Negative: Slow growing

NameBuxusCommon Box, European Box
LeafNewGreen to Lime Green
SizeVery Small
FlowerColourNot Seen
Time of Year
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With a similar leaf size and colouring, the Murraya is the best alternative to Box if a taller, faster growing hedge is required.

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