Common Hedge Plants

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The Big 5 hedge plants (Buxus, Lilly Pilly, Murraya, Photinia and Viburnum) are found everywhere as hedges, and with good reason. They’re hardy, largely disease resistant, respond well to pruning and don’t mind being cut to shape. We have provided links using “Common” names. Less common names and Botanical names are listed on each individual page.

Many other plants can be used as a hedge or boundary plant. For a full list of less commonly used hedging alternatives, have a look here. Remember they aren’t as common as the Big 5 for good reason. With effort, however, they can be just as effective depending on your situation.

If you have a photo of your hedge, a hedge you’ve seen, a good, bad or indifferent hedge, send it through. We cycle through different photos all the time.