Duranta leaf close up and as a hedge

Duranta – Yellow Foliage

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The most common form of hedging Duranta is “Sheena’s Gold”. It’s striking for its yellow foliage. It has a dense habit and is happy to be kept as a low to medium size hedge. It’s unusual to find a stand-alone Sheena’s Gold hedge because the yellow is so striking it’s not often it suits the colour scheme of today’s homes. More often it’s used as a feature plant or as a striking companion hedge to a green hedge like Murraya or Box. Make sure you have the room if you’re thinking of “Double Hedging”.

If you love the yellow of Duranta and have the room for more then one hedge as a colour contrast, use a deep green or even purple coloured hedge plant as your contrast. Avoid using plants with their own foliage contrast like Lilly Pillies and Photinias as the contrast can be too much. Try using Murrayas or Buxus as a companion.

Biggest Positive: Dense, bushy habit, perfect for semi-formal to formal hedging

Biggest Negative: Yellow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially as a landscape colour


NameDuranta RepensSheena's Gold most common hedge
OldYellow with Green Flecks
SizeSmall - Medium
FlowerColourMauve (Use it for foliage, not flower
Time of YearSummer
AgeingNo Problem
SizeHeight1 - 2.5m
Width80cm - 1.5m

If you have the room purchase at least 1 extra plant for every 20 in your hedge. plant it/them out elsewhere in the garden for transplantation should something go wrong with your hedge.

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