Gardenia flower and as a semi formal hedge

Gardenia – Hungry But Beautiful

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The Gardenia is one of the most fragrant flowering shrubs in the garden. Mass planted, the perfume can waft through the air for many metres. They can be grown as a semi formal hedge but keep in mind there will likely be a couple of issues.

Firstly, the flowers don’t age well at all. Dead heading will be required for your Gardenia hedge to look its best when flowing late in Spring and into Summer. Gardenias are also inclined to look very “leggy” at the base, particularly when they’re not in full sun. Lastly, feed them up with plenty of fertiliser to give them the best chance to look their best.

Biggest Positive: The pure white flowers and beautiful scent through most of summer

Biggest Negative: Unfortunately the positive is somewhat outweighed by the maintenance nightmare that is “dead-heading”. To keep it looking its best you will have to do it


NameGardenia AugustaFlorida, Radicans
LeafNewGlossy Green
OldGlossy Green
Time of YearNovember-December, smaller flush in February-March
AgeingNot good. Attractive and sweet smelling they are, but they age to a dirty brown and don't fall, making them a dead heading nightmare.
SizeHeight0.8m - 1.5m
Width0.7 - 1m
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If you have room for a garden bed near the front or back door, or outside a bedroom window, plant a row of Gardenias. Keep them semi-formal and enjoy the fragrance more often!

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