3 images of Murrayas - tall hedge and in flower

Murraya – Sweet Scented Flowers

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Murrayas are a great alternative to the Box if you’re after a taller hedge with the Box look. Although it’s a bit of a waste to completely formalise them because of the production of flowers in Summer (and spot flowering throughout the year). They’re not stunning flowers to look at in the tradition of the Camellia, but the sweet orange blossom scent of the blooms is a fantastic attribute.

Getting the best of both worlds is possible by continually pruning to the right height, while letting the sides bush out a bit. You will find that Murray’s maintain their shape quite well without too much lateral pruning, and you’ll be rewarded with more flower production.

Biggest Positive: Easy care, disease free

Biggest Negative: Lack of foliage colour in comparison to other popular hedge plants

NameMurraya PaniculataOrange Jessamine, Mock Orange
LeafNewLime Green
OldDeep Green
SizeSmall - about 1-2cm wide
FragrantYes - strong like Orange Blossom
Time of YearSpring and Summer plus spot through the year
AgeingHard to Notice
SizeHeight1 - 2.5m
Width80cm - 1.2m
RateMedium - Fast

Did You Know?
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Murraya is related to Citrus, which is the reason for the Orange Blossom scent of the flowers.

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