Nandina Nana and Gulfstream

Nandina – Informal But Low Maintenance

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Don’t let some of the common names lead you astray. Nandina is also known as Heavenly or Sacred Bamboo, but is no relation to the Bamboo family and poses no risk that is often associated with running forms of Bamboo. The two most common forms of Nandina for hedging purposes are Nandina Domestica “Gulf Stream” (similar to image above right) and the dwarf variety Nandina Domestica “Nana” (above left).

Nandina Nana is extremely popular in planting beds of public carparks because it’s so hardy. As a private boundary or hedge, you’re probably best to go with Nandina Gulfstream as it’s a little larger but still maintains a bushy, although informal, look. Both forms have foliage that change colour as the weather cools but Gulf Stream has a thinner, more bamboo-like leaf when compared to Nana. One striking difference between the two is the “dull” leaf of the Nana compared to the more vibrant foliage of the Gulf Stream.

Biggest Positive: Hardy and easy care once established

Biggest Negative: Not ideal for a formal hedge


NameNandina DomesticaGulf Stream or Nana
LeafNewDull Green
OldDeep Red
Time of Year
SizeHeight0.5m - 0.75m
Older varieties alot bigger
Width0.5m - 0.75m
Hot Tip

Don’t put a $20 plant in a $1 hole – the sub-surface area is as important as plant selection.

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